Course Description

This art studio is designed for students interested in enhancing their college admission portfolios. This section is dedicated to those students who wish to focus on drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. Through skill-building exercises, experimentation, and research-based projects, students develop a personal vision and learn what is expected in a portfolio. Digital workshops inform students about best practices for documenting and presenting finished projects. Students gain skills in communicating about their work in group discussions and learn to offer feedback to peers through critique. Prerequisite: art and design experience.

Course Notes: For the 2021 Parsons Summer Academy program (August), students may use free/inexpensive photo editing apps (to be suggested in class). For the Fall 2021 Parsons Academy program, students may use Adobe Creative Cloud (subscription not included) or free/inexpensive photo editing apps (to be suggested in class). For the online sections of this course, all field trips and guest speaker presentations occur as virtual events and experiences.

Course Length - On Campus 11 weeks

See Access to Campus guidelines for on-campus sections.

Learner Outcomes

  • A conceptual and applied understanding of visual elements such as color, line, shape, texture, and composition
  • Ease with “brainstorming” with materials; making effective visual decisions by first engaging in experimentation with multiple approaches to size, scale, color, line, composition, shape, format, and application of paint
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the iterative and incremental making process, including developing sketches, mock-ups, proposals, and responding to feedback
  • Familiarity with strategically selecting and employing the painting/drawing/collage techniques that are best suited for each work
  • The ability to reflect on a thematic concept in a meaningful way and translate those insights into visual form
  • Effective use of collected research (information and images available on the Internet, in magazines, newspapers, or books) to inform the visual development of a drawing or painting
  • The ability to archive one’s own process (sketches, proposals, written thoughts) as well as final products in the form of the Learning Portfolio
  • Demonstrate an understanding of editing final work for an Admissions Portfolio
  • Ability to evaluate works of art and the creative process through dialogue including group discussions, critiques, and written reflections
  • A consistent and professional work ethic and studio practice
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an art/design studio practice by participating in a variety of activities including lectures, demos, and discussions; individual and collaborative exercises and projects; and self and peer critiques.

Additional Information

The 2021 Parsons Summer Academy online format is synchronous with hands-on live studio sessions occurring at the listed meeting times. For more information on schedule, requirements, registration, and refund policies, see program details.
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