Course Description

Learn the fundamentals of interior design in this design studio. Students work with a professional designer on a complete interior design project, from initial concept to final presentation. They develop skills in freehand sketching, manual drafting, collage, and model building, while representing and testing spatial and material ideas. Students consider clients’ needs and aesthetic preferences as they design a functional interior and choose appropriate finishes. Coursework focuses on spatial design applications and concepts rather than interior decorating.

Course Notes: For the online sections of this course, all field trips and guest speaker presentations occur as virtual events and experiences.

Course Length - Online 11 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • Undertake the process of design, learning the conventions, techniques, and craft of representation and presentation
  • Understand the two and three-dimensional language of design to represent and present ideas of form, space, order, and material
  • Research, document, and analyze a site and a program’s elements of environment, history, ecology and economy to propose a conceptual framework for design
  • Cultivate and practice a verbal language of design, articulating the ideas of the work of their projects and those of their peers in productive conversations and critique
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an art/design studio practice by participating in a variety of activities including lectures, demos, and discussions; individual and collaborative exercises and projects; and self and peer critiques.

Additional Information

Parsons Academy offers students in grades 9-12 a broad selection of on-campus and synchronous online courses. Students in grades 3-8 may select from a variety of synchronous online courses. All of our synchronous online courses feature hands-on live studio sessions. We will provide additional information on COVID-related guidance for on-campus students upon enrollment. For more information on schedule, requirements, registration, and refund policies, see program details.

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Interior Design, Grades 9-12
11:00AM to 1:50PM
Jan 29, 2022 to Apr 16, 2022
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Mar 04, 2022
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Jan 29, 2022
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