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How Gen Z Communicates With Brands Differently

There are distinct differences between how Gen Z communicates with brands compared to other consumers. Understanding and leveraging these differences is one of the best ways for creative brands and individuals to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage.

Illustrator and Long-Time CPE Faculty John Jay Cabuay Illustrates Ruby Bridges’ New Book

Visual artist and Parsons Part-time Assistant Professor John Jay Cabuay recently illustrated a bestselling book, Dear Ruby, Hear Our Hearts, for author Ruby Bridges, who earned featured segments on the Late Show with Steven Colbert and the TODAY Show in January.

Parsons Summer Academy 2024: Featured Courses and Classroom Photos!

Join the Parsons community for two weeks of learning, collaboration, and creativity in New York City. Students in grades 3-12 can explore art and design, and those in grades 9 through 12 can also focus on creating a specialized fine art or design portfolio.

Student Profile: Bringing Hospitality Interior Design Back to Work

We’re thrilled to feature Samira Estebari, a Continuing and Professional Education student who recently completed Introduction to Hospitality Interior Design online with Parsons. We caught up with her about what she learned in the course and how she brought it back to her career.

Student Profile: A Tech Professional's Foray Into Fashion

We’re thrilled to feature Stephanie Feddock, a Continuing and Professional Education student who recently completed Construction Techniques 2 online with Parsons. We caught up with Stephanie about her process for constructing a jacket from scratch and how fashion design helps her stay balanced as a leader in tech.

TeenLife Ranks CPE Pre-College Summer Programs Among World’s Best

TeenLife, the leading discovery platform for teen-centered academic and experiential learning opportunities, recently identified the top 100 most popular summer programs for high school students.

One Student on How Color Theory Informs Her Work

“I've been an artist all my life, with my current focus on felted wool appliqué creations. My style has always been to incorporate intricate and harmonious colors,” says Continuing and Professional Education at The New School’s Color Theory student Jane Pollak, who currently operates Jane Pollak.

Meet Interior Design Student Amanda Friedman

We are so excited to hear from Continuing Education alum Amanda Friedman, who recently took our SketchUp course.

Professor Jeongki Lim Talks the Future of AI at the Korea Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly-growing field with the potential to change our lives and professional careers.

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Jane Pirone Discusses Future of Biodesign

Biodesign has taken center stage in sustainability conversations around the world. In this Q&A, Associate Professor of Design Ecologies Jane Pirone discusses our newest Parsons certificate, the Biodesign for Creatives Certificate, that’s paving the way to sustainable change.

4 Summer Intensive Courses You Didn't Know About

The Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program has one of the widest ranges of design topics—all at a globally top-ranked design school in the heart of New York City. 

Student Profile: Flavia Romani, Motion Design

We are thrilled to feature Flavia Romani, who recently completed our Parsons Motion Design and Animation Certificate

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Liza Kuhn on Designing the Ideal Kitchen or Bathroom 

The intimate world of kitchen and bath design has recently overtaken the interior design space. Essential, simple, yet demanding, the kitchen and bath design category has many facets. 

Student Profile: Clare Kisner, Graphic Design

We are thrilled to feature Clare Kisner, who is in the process of completing the Parsons Graphic and Digital Design Certificate.

Student Profile: Alena Meier, Interior Design

We are so excited to feature Alena Meier, a student in the Parsons Residential Interior Design course.

Couture x Concert at London Fashion Week: Alumna Weiyin Chen’s Debut

Last September, London Fashion Week (LFW) Spring 2024 featured new runway collections by notable designers like Burberry, ERDEM, and JW Anderson. This installment continues LFW’s legacy since its conception in 1984, the last city to make up the “Big Four '' in Fashion Weeks alongside New York, Milan, and Paris.

Faculty Spotlight: Professor of Fashion Judiann Echezabal Talks Bridal, Sustainability, and More

From a young age, Echezabal was captivated by the world of colors, fabrics, and design.

Career Snapshot: Fashion Buying and Merchandising

The roles of fashion buying and merchandising are on the front line, leading the evolution of how people consume fashion. Learn how these roles are evolving and how the new Parsons Fashion Buying and Merchandising certificate supports prospects in this exciting field.

Parsons Experiential and Influencer Marketing Certificate Makes Fashion Personal

In fashion, experiential and influencer marketing have become core marketing strategies. Fashion business professional and Parsons professor Fabrizio Babino shares how brands are harnessing these powerful promotion tools and discusses the new Parsons Fashion PR and Marketing certificate.

Industry Snapshot: Interior Design

As working from home becomes more of the norm, many turned to interior design to improve the residential spaces around them. Learn more about the current industry and our Interior Design course offerings.

International Pianist Uses Parsons Fashion Certificate to Design Her Own Concert Gown

Taiwanese-American pianist Weiyin Chen has built her musical career around the world, from attending New York's Juilliard School to collaborating with the Hong Kong Philharmonic. Fashion is Chen's next endeavor. As a student in the Fashion Design certificate at CPE, she has already used her skills to design her own concert gown. She shared with us how the certificate allowed her to combine her musical passion with a new creative outlet.

Industry Snapshot: User-Centered Design (UX/UI)

User-centered design widely refers to the intersection of two related concepts: UX (user-experience) and UI (user-interface) design. While the difference between the two is minimal, the main stress focuses on the former portion of the term: the user

Industry Snapshot: Human-Centered Healthcare

As the pandemic slows, the healthcare industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, with an estimated 11.9 million jobs to be added before 2030. With this growth comes a need to re-evaluate the healthcare system - everything from the layout of the operating room to the "byzantine" process of scheduling a test. That's where human-centered healthcare designers come in.

Industry Snapshot: Infographics & Data Visualization

If you are a professional considering a transition into a field that requires an enhanced understanding of data visualization techniques, with opportunities expanding from tech to healthcare, journalism, and even finance and law, your timing couldn’t be better.

Industry Snapshot: Digital Marketing

In today’s business environment, knowledge is power. As digital media and personal device use grows, new insights about consumers, their habits, behaviors, and needs are changing the ways that businesses both gain access to—and wield knowledge about—how best to reach them.

Lecturer Emily Chu on the Future of Infographics and Data Visualization

In a relentless 24/7 news cycle, people are looking to infographics even more to make sense of the changing world. Data Visualization and Infographics Lecturer Emily Chu spoke about the necessity of this rapidly growing field.

An Entrepreneurial Eye for Interior Design

If you’re looking to launch an interior design career in this modern era, chances are The New School Interior Design part-time faculty member Jamel Williams can relate. Between running his own design firm to moving his course curriculum online, Williams offered some wisdom for the self-starting interior designer.

Parsons Academy Student to Self-Made Fashion Brand

After attending the Parsons Academy program, Dilara Huryasar was inspired to keep pursuing fashion through the Parsons B.F.A. program. This semester she has returned to the Parsons Academy Online Summer Intensive Studies (SIS) program as a teaching assistant, all while developing her own fashion brand, Dilara Yar. Recently she reflected on how her own style and the SIS program have evolved.

Artists Find a Voice In "Illustration As A Visual Language" Course

From a Bob Marley-inspired children’s book to a posthumous portrait of Maya Angelou, John Jay Cabuay has re-defined the limits of a traditional illustrator. In his new “Illustration as a Visual Language” course at Continuing Education, Cabuay hopes to teach students how to discover their own voice in the illustration industry. 

From a Military-Trained Electrical Engineer to Design Director

Patrick Davis’s background (so far) has included military training, electrical engineering, consulting, and an attempted political run. It may not seem obvious to the outsider, but design became the tool to pull it all together. During his time in the Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management (GEMS) program he continued to build on his leadership skills, growing far more than he ever imagined possible. We chatted with Patrick to hear more about his diverse trajectory.

Cultivating Success From a Creative Career Change

Making a career change isn’t always easy, but this Manhattan mom reminds us of the reward for following your passion. 

Drawing Inspiration From Everyday Experience as an Aspiring Graphic Designer

For student Mei-Ling Mirow, design inspiration finds her at every turn. From childhood influences to the motivations from peers and professors in the Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program, Mei is collecting wisdom to adapt to her graphic design goals and bring her career to fruition. Want to hear more about Mei, her practices and experience in our Parsons SIS Graphic Design three-week course? Read on to learn more!

"Parsons, In My Own Words" - Poppy

From Pre-College student to B.F.A. graduate, Poppy Xuefei Wang recently finished her senior year in Parsons' Fashion Design program. She began her Parsons journey in 2014 during the Summer Intensive Studies program, where she took her first course in Fashion: Sewing & Construction. Her first professor, Jennifer Belton, would also be her Thesis instructor in her last course before graduation. Learn more about how Poppy’s education came full circle, and what she has to say about her overall experience at Parsons. 

Mentorship 101

As you look to make moves in your career, good advice might be difficult to come by. However, if you’ve taken advantage of networking opportunities at various points throughout your life, it’s likely you’ve made some connections with the right people. Mentors are experienced and trusted advisers who can offer the guidance you’re looking for. Learn more about how you can grow your network and career through mentorship.

SIS Fashion Student Liam Ellmann Designs With Inspiration from Within and Around

Looking to break into a new career in the fashion world, Parsons Summer Intensive Studies student Liam Ellmann shares his personal experience as a designer, from his creative influences, involvement in the program, and advice for others looking to pursue a similar path.

The New School Joins Forces With Universities Across the Country to Assist Endangered Scholars

In 2016, Cem Özatalay, a professor of sociology at Galatasaray University in Istanbul, added his name to a petition condemning state violence against the Kurds in Turkey’s southeastern region.

This Certificate Could Change the Way You Approach Your Career

At Parsons, we have a longstanding tradition of being at the forefront of interior design education, offering the first program of its kind in the U.S. As a new option this fall, our flexible certificate in Interior Design is offered entirely online. So what does that mean for you?

Parsons Academy Certificate Student Inspires Younger Generations to Have Confidence in their Career Goals

Creativity and youthful idealism are the driving forces behind 16-year-old Maya Aristimuno’s many successful career pursuits. With the experience she is gaining through the Parsons Academy Certificate Program, Maya is working toward building her portfolio and upping her confidence to take on the future of creative entrepreneurship.

Author & Alumna Joanna Cantor Meditates on Grieving with New Novel

After exploring a brief, early career in journalism, Joanna Cantor couldn’t ignore the pull she felt toward a career focused around creative writing—her first love. Following her gut brought her to an introductory fiction course in the continuing education department at The New School. Cantor tells us about her time in the course, how it helped her to follow her passion, and how it led to the writing of her new novel, Alternative Remedies for Loss, where she was able to explore the stages of her own grieving process through a fictional tale of inner strength and exploration.

Parsons Named the Best Art and Design School in the U.S. for 2021

Parsons School of Design at The New School has been ranked the best art and design school in the country.

From the Courtroom to the Classroom: How Whitney Madueke Is Fashioning a Different Future for Herself

After studying and practicing law, Whitney Madueke decided to trade in her corporate career for a creative alternative with the Fashion Design Certificate from Parsons in New York City. Today, Whitney works full time as a YouTube personality, model, and public speaker while she pursues her studies in fashion design. Her online presence and personality delve into everything from fashion to personal care tips and techniques. Despite her busy schedule, Whitney caught up with us to discuss her experience with the certificate program and her future as a fashion designer. 

Parsons Named One of the Best Design Schools in the World in 2017

For the third year running, Parsons School of Design at The New School has been named one of the best art and design schools in the world.

Making A Change: How Jennifer Levy Successfully Went from A Commercial Photographer to Interior Designer

After a seasoned career as a commercial photographer, Jennifer Levy decided on a career shift and enrolled in the Interior Design Certificate at Parsons to gain necessary interior design skills. Levy went on to create CAVdesign—an interior design company helping people solve their design problems by combining the practical with the imaginative. She has since published two design books and has had her work featured in magazines like Dwell Magazine and Apartment Therapy. She chats with us about her decision to change careers later in life, what excites her about interior design today, and why a tape measure can be the key to your (interior design) success.    

5 Tips For Finding and Crafting Your Ultimate Online Voice

You want your online brand to stand apart from the competition—and that is where your brand voice is crucial. Your online voice is what you present to your audience (shall we say: your first, second, and tenth impression), and what they will associate with your brand. Whether it’s for your company or personal use, maintaining a unique voice is part of creating a killer online brand. So get out a pen and paper (read: iPhone, tablet) and get started!

Back to Basics: How Britt Bivens Set Out to Strengthen Her Current Role As a Trend Forecaster, With A Certificate In Fashion Design

With a background in trend forecasting, marketing, and retail operations, Britt Bivens is the expert at the helm of Ace of Swords, a consulting company offering trend forecasting and brand strategy to businesses. With more than 20 years of experience working in the fashion and jewelry industries, Bivens sought to broaden her skillset with the Parsons’s Fashion Design Certificate—giving her a much greater understanding of the industry she works in, and allowing her to not only predict trends but to understand the fundamentals of design, and create garments herself. Bivens gives us a peek into her not-so-typical days, her experience in the program, and the invaluable advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Creating a New Path: How Design Thinking Inspired a New School Alumna Stuck at a Career Crossroads

Zoë Skinner’s commitment to others and belief in helping her community can be traced back to her freshman days on the women’s college lacrosse team; she recalls the relationship she built with her coach and teammates as having a strong impact on her life even several years later.

Graphic and Digital Designer Kristin Jaworowski Is Telling Visual Stories—One Brand At A Time.

Getting her start in photography, Kristin Jaworowski soon transitioned into graphic design and art direction, leading her to her true passionvisual storytelling. As a Graphic & Digital Design Certificate alumna, Kristin now collaborates with small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and larger companies to help build their brand identities. Fusing color, typography, photography, and technology into her work, Kristin expertly brings her clients' visions to life. Drawing inspiration from the city’s streets, Kristin gives us a glimpse into her job, her creative process, and why teaching is next on her radar. 

One Student’s Filmmaking Success After Completing the Film Production Certificate Program

Angelo Vasta has been paving his career in dance filmmaking since moving to New York City from Milan over six years ago, and finishing the Film Production Certificate Program in 2014. Read about what launched his success.

Meet Sarah Beazley, Interior Design Certificate Student

Sarah is a student in the Interior Design certificate program offered through Parsons.

From Supply Chain to Creative Confidence

Fay Zhao was working in supply chain management when her curiosity kept pointing her towards design. When applying to the Global Executive Master of Science (GEMS) program, she was unsure of her capabilities and wondered if she had what it took to work in design. By the end, she had her dream job in design for IKEA. We chatted with Fay to see how GEMS helped her unlock her superpowers.

From Professional Musician to Business Designer

Livie Casto studied opera and performed in musicals professionally before stumbling into a start-up where she learned the power of human-centered design. During her time in the Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management (GEMS) program, she’s been promoted twice in her role as Business Designer at a leading creative consultancy, and has launched the beginnings of her next endeavor. We chatted with her about her trajectory leading up to her studies, and what the future holds.

From Content Writer to Sustainable Fashion Designer

Madeleine Voge’s dive into the fashion design world began while working as a content writer in Denver, Colorado. To further inspire her newfound passion, she enrolled in our New York City Parsons Sewing and Construction course.

5,000 Dresses’ Calls Attention to Sexual Violence in Kosovo

During the Kosovo War, an estimated 20,000 Albanians, mostly women, were victims of sexual violence at the hands of the Serbian forces. This month marks the 16th anniversary of the end of the war, but to this day, discussing wartime sexual violence in the country remains taboo.

Ya Jun Lin, BFA Fashion ’16, Dressed Rihanna for the VMAs

Rihanna has made a number of unexpected items fashionable recently. Leaving a restaurant with a glass of white wine is no longer a crime, if you’re cool enough to get away with it. She’s traded knee high boots for a thigh high version, and, much to the delight of your parents, she’s made thick-soled creepers chic again. Her recent appearance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was no exception, as she graced the stage in four different outfits that all showcased a unique side of her fashion identity.

Parsons’ Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management Fosters Innovative Business Leaders

For most people, the word design conjures up images of  fashion, interiors, and other material goods. For practicing physician  and assistant professor of emergency medicine Dr. Manuel Hernandez,  design is a tool for transforming healthcare services from a clinical,  operational, and physical perspective.

The New School + #SXSW: Kim Jenkins, Parsons Faculty and Alum, Highlights Need for Diversity in Fashion on Panel Discussion

Since 2016, The New School has offered a “Fashion and Race” course thanks to Kim Jenkins, Fashion Studies ‘13. As a part-time faculty member in the School of Art and Design History and Theory, Jenkins is focused on advocating for better representation and opportunities for people of color who work in fashion.

Speculative Design Certificate Looks to the Future

Our Futures Studies and Speculative Design certificate prepares students to tackle the inevitable changes their organizations or employers may face. Professor Elliott Montgomery offers an insider's look into this emerging field and what students can expect from Future Studies courses.

How Documenting Tokyo Nightlife Shaped Instructor Kaz Senju's Approach to Digital Photography

From Japan to Russia, photography instructor Kaz Senju’s evocative images have connected with people around the world. While launching his new Digital Photography certificate, Senju spoke about the importance of building a narrative, photography in the pandemic era, and creating your community.

New School President Dwight McBride and Professor Darrick Hamilton Talk Social Challenges in Economics

In Episode 2 of the "New Conversation" video series, President Dwight McBride speaks to Professor and renowned economist Darrick Hamilton about the economy during coronavirus, Darrick's work with President Biden, "baby bonds," and more.

Fresh Perspectives: Introducing New Faculty

We are pleased to introduce nine of our newest faculty members! Covering subject areas from Interior Design to Human-Centered Healthcare and Motion Design, our stellar instructors bring real-world experience and insider knowledge to Continuing and Professional Education at The New School. Read on to learn more about them and which aspects of teaching they are looking forward to the most.

International Pianist Uses Parsons Fashion Certificate to Design Her Own Concert Gown

Taiwanese-American pianist Weiyin Chen has built her musical career around the world, from attending New York's Juilliard School to collaborating with the Hong Kong Philharmonic. Fashion is Chen's next endeavor. As a student in the Fashion Design certificate at CPE, she has already used her skills to design her own concert gown. She shared with us how the certificate allowed her to combine her musical passion with a new creative outlet.

Meet Wendela Stjernswärd, European Student and Graphic Design SIS Alumna

Meet Wendela Stjernswärd, aspiring graphic designer and College/Adult Summer Intensive Studies alumna! Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Wendela currently studies at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. She completed our Parsons Academy SIS graphic design program in 2020 and recently spoke to us about the importance of a creative education, her favorite projects at Parsons, and her experience as an international student.

How SIS Inspired a Former Art History Professor to Start Her Own Textile Design Firm

Anna Novakov has worn many hats in the art and design world: model, art historian, professor, designer, and most recently: alumna of our Parsons Summer Intensive Studies (SIS) fashion program and business owner. Anna spoke to us how SIS built her skills and confidence to start her own textile design company, Mala_Igla.

How GEMS Grad and Army Musician Sam Kaestner is Transforming Online Concerts

West Point Band member Sam Kaestner was determined to increase classic music audience attendance – then the pandemic hit. He spoke to us about how his Global Executive Master's (GEMS) project turned into his livestreaming company Stretto.

Architecture Professor Eva Perez de Vega Selected for the 2021 Venice Biennale

Design Explorations: Constructed Environments Professor Eva Perez de Vega’s work will be displayed from May to November during the 2021 Venice Biennale. Perez de Vega and her husband Ian Gordon are part of the "Time Space Existence" architectural exhibition put on by the European Cultural Centre. Their exhibit is a self-reflection on the couple’s 15 years of practicing architecture and focuses on how built spaces affect the environment and non-human life.

The New School Wins Award for Quantum Computing

The New School's Quantum Computing for Design and Social Research project entry won a FutureEdge 50 Award for 2021. The award recognizes the most advanced trials and applications of emerging technologies in business.

Get an Inside Look at Fashion Software Clo3D - and Our Certificate

Parsons Fashion Professor Julian Guthrie is launching a Clo3D Virtual Fashion Design certificate this Fall. He spoke to us about his experience with this innovative software and why it's important for both experienced and novice designers to master it.

Parsons Certificate Brings Design Thinking into Practice

Meet Jerome Goh, design thinking veteran practitioner and course overview author of our new certificate: Design Thinking in Practice. He recently spoke to us about why design thinking is more relevant than ever and what skills students can learn in the five-course, project-based online certificate.

Parsons Summer Academy 2021 Virtual Open Studios

The 2021 Parsons Summer Academy program offered students grades 6-12 the opportunity to study online in real time with Parsons School of Design faculty.

Meet Paris Fashion Week Designer and CPE Alum Yvann Filipczak

Fashion designer and Parsons School of Design alum Yvann Filipczak recently made his Paris Fashion Week debut. We asked Yvann a few questions about his inspirations and experience studying at Parsons.

Industry Snapshot: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

Diversity is steadily increasing in the workplace. Organizations are re-examining old systems and processes and exploring new ways to accommodate the varied cultures and backgrounds of their employees. A first of its kind, our new Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in Design certificate was created specifically with designers and creatives in mind, to equip them with ways to make the workplace a better and safer environment. You develop an in-depth understanding of the dimensions of social justice in personal and professional life. The course provides a set of practical tools with which to advance equity in your design projects and pursuits.

Industry Snapshot: Motion Design and Animation

The fields of motion design and animation are growing, as well as the demand for motion design and animation professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), animators are the second highest paid professionals in the Art and Design category and have a much faster than average growth rate at 16%.

Industry Snapshot: Graphic & Digital Design

Today’s graphic, Web, and interactive designers must constantly adapt to new technologies and changing visual culture. Elevate your graphic design skills with our Graphic & Digital Design Certificate. This five-course certificate teaches you basic design skills such as concept, type, layout, and color, as well as training in industry-standard software. The course is project-based and provides opportunities to connect with experienced faculty who are at the forefront of their fields.

Industry Snapshot: Digital Photography

Looking to take your photography skills to the professional level? In today's digital and increasingly visual world, the demand for skilled photographers is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for photographers is much faster than average, with an expected growth of 17% until 2030. Our Digital Photography Certificate combines the skills and creativity you need to enter this competitive industry.

Graphic and Digital Design Faculty Q&A - Anselm Dästner

Anselm Dästner, a faculty practitioner in our Graphic and Digital Design Certificate, sat down with us recently to discuss the current industry, social ethics in design, and the importance of finding your own voice.

Digital Photography Faculty Q&A: Kaz Senju

We recently sat down for a Q&A with Kaz Senju, professor and creator of our Digital Photography Certificate.

Introducing New Faculty for Spring 2022

We are so excited to introduce several new faculty members at CPE this spring!

Interior Design Faculty Q&A - Liza Kuhn

We sat down for a Q&A with Liza Kuhn, lecturer for our Interior Design Certificate.

SIS Instructor Wendy Letven's Exhibition "Patterns of Thought"

We recently asked faculty member Wendy Letven about her new exhibition "Patterns of Thought." Letven is the instructor of our Design Explorations: Graphic Design and Illustration in our Summer Intensive Studies. The exhibition will be on display from February 1st to April 4th with Arts Brookfield for Brookfield Place in Manhattan.

Clo3D Virtual Fashion Design Faculty Q&A: Julian Guthrie

We recently sat down for a Q&A with Julian Guthrie, faculty for our Clo3D Virtual Fashion Design Certificate.

Hospitality Interior Design Certificate Q&A: Melissa Pyell

Melissa Pyell, interior designer and creator of our new Hospitality Interior Design certificate, shares her insights on the new program and her predictions for the hospitality industry post-pandemic.

From Parsons Summer Intensives to Ralph Lauren: Meet Christine Evans

Christine Evans finished the Summer Intensives Studies (SIS) fashion program back in 2013. Since then she has had a major photoshoot of her designs in D.C., graduated from the Parsons BFA program, and secured a position at Ralph Lauren. Christine recently shared how Parsons SIS has influenced her fashion career so far.

Parsons Summer Intensives Alum Leo Qian Shares His NYC Experience

We recently caught up with Leo Qian, graduate of our 2018 Summer Intensive Studies Fashion program. Leo shared his experience studying in NYC, how the program helped him excel in the Parsons BFA program, and how the skills he learned inspired his own brand.

A Look Back on Female Designers at The New School

We are very excited to celebrate Women's History Month here at CPE! We've rounded up several images of inspiring students and alumnae from the early to mid 20th century, courtesy of The New School Archives and Special Collections. View more with the 2010 fashion exhibition catalog, Inspiring Women: Selected Designers from Parsons’ Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Archives. This exhibition featured all female designers who were connected to the Parsons School of Design, and focused on their education, professional practice, process, and representation.

Industry Snapshot: Hospitality Interior Design

The hospitality industry is projected to grow, particularly as restaurants, bars, and hotels recover from the onset of the pandemic. With this growth comes a new need for hospitality interior designers to refresh spaces. Read more about the latest hospitality industry projections.

This Parsons Certificate Brings Products to Life

Our newest certificate provides an introduction to the manufactured object and allows students to bring innovative product ideas into reality. Students will learn to design, prototype, and launch their products while applying sustainable, social, political, and ecological principles. Matthew Hoey, Parsons faculty, certificate coordinator, and practicing industrial designer/architect, gave us an inside look at what makes the Parsons Product Design certificate unique.

Faces of Parsons Summer

Throughout the years, aspiring designers and creative high schoolers have taken advantage of our Parsons Summer Intensive Studies to hone their fashion and graphic design skills. Hear from some of our recent graduates and check out their designs!

From Finance to Interior Design with Christian Siriano—Meet Alumna Jessica Stephans

Switching industries is never easy, and going from finance to interior design is a particularly big leap. But CPE alumna Jessica Stephans made it happen. She recently caught up with us about how our Interior Design certificate gave her the skills and experience to pursue the creative career of her dreams.

Inside Our Summer Intensive Fashion Merchandising Course

Combining right-brain and left-brain: that's how instructor Joan Duncan describes her Fashion Merchandising course for Parsons Summer Intensive Studies.

Industry Snapshot: Fashion Design

Working in Fashion Design requires a plethora of diverse skills. According to EMSI, a Fashion Designer today needs a working knowledge of garment construction, hand and machine sewing, sketching, mock-ups, textiles, and draping, but also the Adobe Suite, selling techniques, marketing, user experience, and more.

Welcome New CPE Leadership

Recently CPE announced the appointment of two leaders—Joe Sloan as executive director and dean and Mariana Amatullo as vice provost and academic dean—who will work to expand the reach of The New School, with its singular approach to design, management, the fine arts, and critical thinking.

New School CPE at Adobe Max

The New School Continuing and Professional Education is so excited to have participated in the 2022 Adobe Max Conference!

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