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The best means of understanding a project or program’s success is through Monitoring and Evaluation, a methodology to collect and analyze data on impact and effectiveness. The M&E I Studio section will focus on setting up M&E structures prior to project implementation. We will first define project success, usually represented through objectives or outcomes, and then establish logical framework impact, outcome and output statements, and attach measurable indicators - the foundation of monitoring and evaluation. If one can properly set up a project with a solid logical framework and measurable indicators, the remaining M&E tasks are relatively straightforward.

This Remote Studio will also work and interact synchronously with Addis Abeba University students in this online course, which will involve both lectures and activities. Though online, learning will be experiential in the sense that all work will be done around a project with women’s microenterprise groups in Ethiopia. Our client is the Consortium of Self-help Approach Promoters (CoSAP), a national coalition of approximately 13,000 women’s microenterprise groups. The groups have demonstrated significant success in raising women and their families out of poverty, and our Studio will work on continuing collection of microenterprise results, but will also delve deeper into the groups’ psychosocial benefits to members. The “Self-Help Groups” are ostensibly formed around small business development and income generation, but as many as half or more of the women do not participate in those endeavors yet seem to also reap benefits from group participation.

Application and admission into the M&E Remote Studio is required to take this course. For more information, send an email to ifp@newschool.edu. Please visit our website: International Field Program.


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IFP Ethiopia: Monitoring & Evaluation Remote Studio I
1:00PM to 5:00PM
Jun 01, 2021 to Jul 06, 2021
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Jul 05, 2021
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Jun 01, 2021
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