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The fashion industry’s need to change from an environmental and humanitarian perspective has been greatly accelerated at this time of momentous change. Much of the 20th-century fashion system is outmoded, destructive and losing relevance to people and, planet. It is patently clear that the sustainability revolution will happen, because it is a must. The old adage ‘ never waste a crisis’ is perhaps never more appropriate as the fashion industry urgently needs new energy, imagination, creative solutions, help and guidance to evolve and adapt to become the just, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable industry we know it can be. This course is geared towards people who are working in the fashion industry (at any level). Within this course you can use your business, project or idea as a case study or ‘tester’ to contribute to driving change within the current fashion industry. You will leave this course with a well resolved actionable project that can be a portfolio piece or plan ready to be implemented. As a player within the industry, you hold a lot of power. This course can help you to exercise that power, to seize this moment to affect change, to pivot, and lead the way within your organization towards the positive power of fashion. Your role plays a vital part in delivering the essential knowledge to take the first step in committing to taking bold action, to activate and deploy ingenuity and sustainability-focused innovation with stakeholders across the entire value chain. We believe that everyone can be a catalyst for change!

Course Length - Online 9 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the environmental and social issues linked to the current global fashion industry across the entire value chain 
  • Be able to identify a strategic sustainability problem/omission/gap within your organization as an opportunity for you to create change
  • Demonstrate ability in imagining  piloting projects, and testing ideas in the context of sustainability that can be put into practice in your organization
  • Demonstrate the ability to find your own sustainable mission and values while creating a personalized sustainability action plan.  
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate your idea effectively through multimedia as appropriate, written, verbal, visual, digital, and physical materials.

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Putting Sustainability into Practice
Jan 24, 2022 to Apr 03, 2022
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Feb 27, 2022
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Jan 24, 2022
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