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Course Description

This class explores the ever-expanding territory where illustration meets design. The hybrid designer-illustrator is head and shoulders above the pack, possessing drawing skills; a keen sense of color, typography, and layout; and an interest in doing it all. Today's new breed is poised for long and varied careers. Guest speakers who exemplify these qualities present case studies; slide show lectures provide inspiration; and practical assignments afford students opportunities to produce portfolio work. Assignments include a range of packaging, objects, logos, animation boards, and advertising, all created using a multidisciplinary approach.

NOTE: This course requires students to bring a modern computer laptop to class to complete course assignments. The New School provides all degree and credit-seeking students (enrolled in the current term) with subscriptions for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.

Learner Outcomes

  • Develop A conceptual and applied understanding of visual elements such as image, composition, and color.
  • Demonstrate ease with "brainstorming" with materials and making effective visual decisions by first experimenting with multiple approaches.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the iterative and incremental making process, including developing sketches and responding to feedback.
  • Explore and gain familiarity with strategically selecting and employing the painting/ drawing/ collage/ photography/ video techniques best suited for each work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect on a thematic concept in a meaningful way and translate those insights into a visual illustration/ graphic.
  • Effectively use collected research (information and images available on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, or books) to inform the visual development of a drawing, painting graphic, and animation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to archive one's process (sketches, proposals, written thoughts), as well as final products in the form of the Learning Portfolio.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of editing final work for an Admissions Portfolio.
  • Develop an ability to evaluate artwork and the creative process through dialogue, including group discussions, critiques, and written reflections.
  • Develop and demonstrate a consistent and professional work ethic and studio practice.

Additional Information

This course is one offering from our Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program. For more information on schedule, registration, and refund policies, see program details.



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Illustration: Beyond the Page (Pre-College)
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