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Course Description

This course combines the fundamental practice of observational drawing with conceptual strategies for constructing the drawn image. Emphasis is placed on drawing as an integral component of the design process. Students gain analytical skills through direct observation of studio setups as well as visits to museums and outdoor spaces throughout New York City. These skills are used to approach drawing as a way of thinking, as a critical tool, and as a means of observation, storytelling, and representation.

Learner Outcomes

  • Strengthen one’s ability to see and learn different ways of seeing form, which includes describing three-dimensional form and space and the illusion of light on a two-dimensional surface
  • Make effective visual decisions through employing different drawing materials and develop an understanding of composition, point-of-view, and various approaches to size, scale, and formats
  • Demonstrate the thoughtful development of individual ideas and thematic concepts and translate those insights into visual form. This includes an understanding of the iterative and incremental process of making art and an awareness of the investigative process of research, sketches, proposals, and response to feedback
  • Cultivate a personal involvement with the process of creating drawings and make effective use of collected research (information and images via the internet, magazines, newspapers, and books) that informs the visual process of making drawings
  • Develop concepts and vocabulary to evaluate works of art and the creative process through group discussions, critiques, and written reflections
  • Develop a consistent and professional work ethic and studio practice which includes an emphasis on technical proficiency and understanding the importance of craftsmanship

Additional Information

This course is one offering from our Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program. For more information on schedule, registration, and refund policies, see program details.

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