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Course Description

More than 50 percent of our brain's cortex is devoted to processing visual information. With growing amounts of data being thrown our way on a daily and hourly basis, it is more important than ever to be able to deliver information efficiently. Information graphics is one of the most powerful means available to relay complex data to the widest audiences. Some form of information graphics touches the life of almost everyone on the planet, regardless of profession, industry, or culture. This course will empower students to thoughtfully and successfully bring to life flat numbers and data through engaging and digestible visual representations that can be easily shared with vast audiences. It will address best practices from discovery to production to delivery. The course covers color theory, typography, design hierarchy, balance, symmetry, composition, and grid. In addition, students learn data research, filtering data while 1) generating an idea, 2) conceptualizing and developing the idea, and 3) presenting and delivering a prototype. This course will also focus on developing students’ information graphics skill set specific to creating visual stories. It will include critical thinking projects that relate to real life information design needs, both for standalone infographics and when producing graphics for dynamic visual stories.

Course Length - Online 9 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • An understanding of color theory, typography, design hierarchy, balance, symmetry, composition, and grid for information design, including chart selection and custom data graphic design considerations
  • Learn how to propose and develop an information visualization project using industry-standard tools. Understand storytelling narrative patterns and techniques and choose appropriate methods to communicate data stories, static or interactive
  •  Understand historical precedents, research and understand existing and emerging forms of information design, and understand how to position own work in the field
  • How to participate in workshop exercises and apply research from cognitive biases, information perception of visual cues, UX principles, communicating to audiences based on statistical literacy and context-setting to own work

Additional Information


  • Greater fluency in the communication of concept and the skill of unfolding a story in moving imagery, with impact, drama, and the delivery of strong messages
  • Working understanding of how motion graphics are created from the concept through all stages to the final finished clip or film
  • Confident analytical and critical verbal skills, including the development of one’s own artistic voice
  • Both technical and traditional design skills, through both analog sketching and becoming familiar with industry standard software tools
  • Glean industry knowledge from a professional working instructor

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Information Design for Infographics and Visual Storytelling
Oct 07, 2024 to Dec 15, 2024
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CE Tuition non-credit $1,015.00
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Nov 10, 2024
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Oct 07, 2024
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