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Most of the world's data has been generated within the past few years. In order for any of that data to serve a purpose, it must be analyzed and ultimately visualized. The process of unlocking insights and potential within a data set requires strong analytical skills and in-depth understanding, both of which are a necessity in any modern work environment. In order to produce successful visualizations, you must first be able to successfully analyze the data you plan to represent. This course enables students to develop the necessary strong data analytics skills, specifcally through the lens of visualization and with the ultimate goal of creating visual representations of that information. It covers basic SQL skills and other data analysis tools widely used in the industry. Counts as a required course toward the certificate in Infographics and Data Visualization.

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Data & Analytics for Visualization & Business Intelligence
Mar 01, 2021 to May 09, 2021
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CE Tuition non-credit $850.00
Faculty/Staff Waiver non-credit $850.00 Click here to get more information
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Apr 04, 2021
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Feb 22, 2021
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