Course Description

Building on HTML & CSS basics, this course will introduce advanced capabilities in styling and interactivity using CSS and JavaScript. We will study mobile-first best practices for responsive design and explore how to make HTML elements interactive through animation and state changes. The curriculum is built to advance web development for designers by coupling design process thinking with coding challenges that showcases ability to execute and bring ideas to life.

Learner Outcomes

  • Create a fully responsive site or web application
  • Use CSS animations to create visually dynamic experiences
  • Use JavaScript to trigger state changes to elements
  • Understand layout and templating through CSS grid
  • Explore trending techniques in styling (blend modes, layer multiple backgrounds, CSS filters, gradients, parallax)
  • Understand all types of CSS selectors and be able to choose the appropriate method to style HTML elements
  • Use advanced Pseudo-elements selectors to insert content into the web page
  • Know where to look for user interface intensive code libraries, discover plug-ins, and try out frameworks to save you time
  • How to troubleshoot layout and code problems when they come up
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