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2 Courses Required
Fashion Buying and Merchandising Certificate
PRICE $1,950
*Tuition rates for individual courses are subject to change over the course of your program

About This Certificate

Fashion buying and merchandising are essential aspects of the fashion industry that involve understanding consumer needs, trends, and forecasting future demand for your specific market. The fashion buying and merchandising certificate program at Parsons provides an introduction to these fields, covering topics such as retail math, trend analysis, product assortment planning, live stream shopping, blank box merchandising, and negotiating with vendors.

Aspiring fashion buyers and merchandisers will learn how to analyze market trends and focus on consumer behavior to make informed decisions about product selection and pricing. They will gain an understanding of the retail calendar, the buying cycle, and the importance of inventory management. The certificate will also explore how important fashion buying and merchandising interconnects with other areas of the fashion industry, such as design, production, and marketing.

retail math trend analysis product assortment planning live stream shopping blank box merchandising negotiation tactics merchandising tools and tactics for brick-and-mortar merchandising tools and tactics for e-commerce assortments

What You’ll Gain

  • An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of buyers and merchandisers
  • Merchandising tools and tactics used for brick-and-mortar and e-commerce assortments
  • How to work creatively with product development and designers
  • How to adapt to new and emerging forms of buying and merchandising with the addition of pop-up shops, live streaming, and trans-seasonal clothing
  • The implementation of store layouts and the organization of product aesthetics in the environment
  • An understanding of the fashion pyramid and why it is important
  • An understanding of fashion and consumer trends

What You’ll Earn


After completing the certificate requirements, you will be able to download and print a copy of your certificate and share it with your network. Your personal certificate will be accessible from your Student Portal.

Who Should Enroll

  • Aspiring fashion buyers and merchandisers
  • Retail or online store owners wanting more information on merchandising
  • Students interested in pursuing a career in Fashion Business Management with a merchandising focus
  • Fashion designers or design students who want to learn more about merchandising for design

How You’ll Learn

  • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
  • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
  • Online collaboration in small classes, supported by video conferencing
  • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets

Additional Details

Fashion Buying and Merchandising Certificate

Enroll Now

Begin by completing one of the required courses. This certificate must be completed within two years. Have questions? Call us at 332.239.2292, email cpe.advisor@newschool.edu, or reach out to us via LiveChat.

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