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3 Courses Required
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4 months
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About This Certificate

Important Notice: The Parsons Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in Design Certificate will not be offered after Summer 2024. If you’re interested in earning this certificate, all three courses must be successfully completed by end of term.

In this certificate program, you develop both a theoretical and a practical understanding of equity, inclusion, and social justice (EISJ) issues in the world of design. Beginning with an exploration of how equity and anti-oppressive practices can be incorporated into design systems and processes, you learn ways to promote inclusivity in your own professional environment and develop a deeper knowledge of the dimensions of social justice in your personal and professional life. You are encouraged to connect your own experiences in art and design contexts to the foundational concepts learned in the course. You also develop the ability to recognize how your own perceptions and actions in such contexts can support or hinder struggles for justice. You leave the course with a set of practical tools for advancing equity, inclusion, and social justice in your design projects and pursuits.

theories of justice inclusivity analysis of design systems strategies for building inclusive cultures leadership strategies

What You’ll Gain

  • Practical tools for building and sharing knowledge about equity, inclusion, and social justice activism
  • Equity, inclusion, and social justice training and tools to use in design and design education professional contexts
  • An understanding of how design is implicated in global inequality and how the emerging field of design justice can address systems and cultures of oppression
  • The ability to critically analyze and evaluate social justice and community engagement designs and practices
  • An understanding of your own power to promote equity, inclusion, and justice in the art and design fields

What You’ll Earn


After completing the certificate requirements, you will be able to download and print a copy of your certificate and share it with your network. Your personal certificate will be accessible from your Student Portal.

Who Should Enroll

  • Students interested in developing expertise in the ways in which equity, inclusion, and social justice influence and are influenced by the design professions
  • Individuals or managers working in the fields of design and design education
  • Professionals or corporate leaders wishing to identify and address issues of equity, inclusion, and justice in their workplace
  • Professionals seeking to develop an inclusive, equitable culture in the workplace

How You’ll Learn

  • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
  • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
  • Online collaboration in small classes, supported by video conferencing
  • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets

Why The New School?

The professional landscape as we've known it has changed dramatically, and ongoing learning is more important now than ever before. At The New School, we champion every student's creativity and growth. By combining integrated disciplines with collaborative problem solving, we deliver an immersive, transformative learning experience. With the leadership of Parsons School of Design—a globally top-ranked design school—our faculty imparts the critical expertise students need to advance their careers or pivot to a new one in a constantly evolving world.

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This certificate program will not be offered after this summer. To earn this certificate, complete all three required courses with a passing grade by the end of the Summer 2024 term.

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