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About This Certificate

Individuals, communities, governments, and businesses all face complex questions when making plans for the future. In this certificate program, you focus on building the skills necessary for future image making with compelling immersive sensory experiences. You learn to apply theory and methods to develop and employ projections of desirable and undesirable future scenarios and examine ways futures discourse can shape a project’s or company's path forward.

Format: Online

Total Courses: 2 courses

Time Commitment: Students typically complete this certificate in six months.

Price: $1,510 per certificate bundle (see terms)
($1,680 if courses are purchased individually. Tuition rates are subject to change over the course of your program.)

What You’ll Gain

  • Knowledge of key principles of futures studies and design futures
  • Techniques for identifying, researching, and critiquing signals of change as potential trend indicators
  • The ability to apply design futures methods and approaches to concrete topics
  • Experience using methods and frameworks for forecasting hypothetical conditions
  • Lead scenario planning exercises for community and corporate contexts
  • The ability to create vivid, thought-provoking representations of hypothetical scenarios through diverse media
  • An opportunity to develop futures scenarios that can shape your project or company’s path forward

How You’ll Learn

  • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
  • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
  • Online collaboration and video conferencing 
  • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets

Who Should Enroll

  • Individuals who want to effect systems-level change in organizations and work toward long-term goals 
  • Professionals who already work within organizations and those wishing to find or create new opportunities 
  • Those who are new to futures studies or have a working knowledge of the field and wish to increase their proficiency and build their portfolio of practice

What You’ll Earn

After completing the certificate requirements, you will be able to download and print a copy of your certificate and share it with your network. Your personal certificate will be accessible from your Student Portal.


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Prepare your organization for the future and lead it through change with scenario planning and speculative design. Join one of the courses below to start the certificate. This certificate must be completed within two years. You may choose to purchase the certificate as a bundle at a discounted price and complete it within one year.

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