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Faculty Spotlight: Professor Liza Kuhn on Designing the Ideal Kitchen or Bathroom 

Liza Kuhn Interiors Tiny Kitchen

Liza Kuhn Interiors. Lenox Hill (Location: Upper East Side, New York City). Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose.

The intimate world of kitchen and bath design has recently overtaken the interior design space. Essential, simple, yet demanding, the kitchen and bath design category has many facets. To learn more, we sat down for a Q&A with practicing designer Liza Kuhn, of Liza Kuhn Interiors, about the Parsons Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Certificate.

Here’s what Professor Liza Kuhn had to say on the subject:

How long have you had your own design firm? How big is your team?

In 2018, I set out on my own, and my team size has fluctuated depending on the project’s needs. Generally, it stays between one and three people.

What types of projects do you typically work on?

Our projects are primarily residential, encompassing interior design and/or decorating. The majority of our clients are in New York City, though we work throughout the tri-state area. We love working with historic homes and families.

What’s one residential project you’re most proud of?

Our Greenwich Street project is a favorite! The apartment had a unique set of challenges. At just 450 square feet, we had to equip a kitchen with full size appliances (including wine fridge and washer/dryer), designated dining space, office space, and a bathroom with a walk-in shower, plus a separate bedroom with lots of storage.

Greenwich Street Kitchen Project

Liza Kuhn Interiors. Greenwich Street Duplex (Location: West Village, New York City). Featured in House Beautiful. Photography by Kirsten Francis.

We wanted to maintain and enhance many of the original architectural details such as original brick work and a wood-burning fireplace. The final space showcased a super efficient layout–with storage integrated and hidden throughout–and an aesthetic honoring the apartment’s original character.

How is kitchen/bath design different from other types of interior design?

Kitchen and bath design requires more knowledge of plumbing and mechanics than most other interior spaces require, as well as a heightened sense of efficient space planning.

Not only are you tasked with creating a beautiful interior that is proportional and aesthetically pleasing, but the space needs to be equally utilitarian and of durable materials, effective task lighting, and plumbing/appliances meeting the everyday needs of its users.

Why is it a good idea to specialize in kitchen and bath interior design? How does it differentiate someone in the field?

Specializing in kitchen and bath design means you have a unique set of problem-solving design skills—not only can you create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing space, but you can also program a space that is highly efficient and that integrates with the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical constraints within a home.

Kitchen and bathroom design offers a great opportunity for socially responsible interiors and spaces that can positively impact the health and wellbeing of its users and their environments.

What are 3 kitchen trends you’re seeing right now?

  • Color: There seems to be a shift away from white kitchens and a shift towards kitchens imbued with warmth, color, and vitality.


  • The integration of technology: More and more appliance companies are offering equipment integrating smart features such as voice command, video, and communication with your other smart devices.


  • Kitchens that act as more than a kitchen: The kitchen has evolved into a space for cooking and eating, but also for entertaining, growing vegetables, learning, doing remote work, and helping kids with their homework.


Broad Street Kitchen Project

Liza Kuhn Interiors. Downtown Loft (Location: Financial District, New York City). Photography by Kirsten Francis.

What are 3 bathroom trends you’re seeing right now?

  • Efficient fixtures: Faucets and toilets that use less water and are more sustainability-minded. Hopefully this isn’t just a trend but will become the standard for specifying plumbing fixtures!


  • Maintenance-friendly materials: For example, porcelains and ceramics that are less likely to stain than some natural stones. Another trend is mildew and mold-resistant paint.


  • Lots of storage: Vanities with storage bases, recessed medicine cabinets (sometimes more than one), integrated linen cabinets, and (sometimes) an additional piece of furniture within the bathroom.


Bathroom Project

Liza Kuhn Interiors. Downtown Loft (Location: Financial District, New York City). Photography by Kirsten Francis.

A lot goes into designing a functional-yet-appealing kitchen or bathroom. But the reward is equally appealing.  Thinking about specializing in this important category of interior design? Check out the Parsons Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Certificate.

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