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From the Courtroom to the Classroom: How Whitney Madueke Is Fashioning a Different Future for Herself

January 30, 2018

Whitney Madueke

Why did you decide to pursue your passion for fashion? 

I grew up loving fashion and with different experiences and opportunities, I was certain fashion design would be perfect for me. I studied law in the UK for 3 years and moved back to Nigeria to become a Barrister & Solicitor of The Supreme Court of Nigeria. During those times, I was very much interested in fashion design. After my law studies, I moved to New York in January 2017 to pursue this new career path. 

Why did you choose Parsons at Continuing Education as the place to help you expand your skillset?

I chose Parsons because it’s one of the top schools in fashion design, and the certificate program was a great fit for me - flexible and affordable, compared to other programs.

What have you taken away from your courses in the certificate program?

I have learned that expanding your knowledge in an area or focus of life is really beneficial in taking your skills to the next level. Even a short, quality class can teach you the very essential skills you might have missed out on.

How has your experience influenced your professional goals?

It has grown my urge and need for more knowledge and skills. I am even more excited than I was starting the certificate program. It makes me want to achieve my goals of becoming a fashion designer even more.

Can you tell us about your professors? 

The professors are amazing! There is nothing like having a professor who is enthusiastic about the course; it radiates and is quite contagious.

What’s something new that you learned about yourself as a result of taking this course?

I have learned that I NEED to study and practice more. Basically, everything I knew about fashion design was really nothing but general knowledge. The program taught me to work harder if I want to grow my skills and knowledge, and take my work to the next level.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in taking a similar leap into a creative field?

DO IT! Just be dedicated and ask questions if you are confused or lost. The professors are amazing and the students in the class are also or most likely as clueless as you are.

Where Can You Find Whitney Online or IRL (In Real Life)?

You can find Whitney exploring the latest collections from her favorite designer, Elie Saab or at her favorite NYC spot, The Sweetchick

To keep up with Whitney’s latest projects, you can find her online at YouTube and Instagram @whitneymadueke.

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