Course Description

This studio offers intermediate- to advanced- level students the opportunity to complete self-directed projects (drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, video, animation, etc.). Rather than receiving class assignments, students plan, develop, and produce a project or series of their own design. Build your portfolio, create a coherent series of drawings or paintings, and work in video or sculpture with the technical and critical support of the instructor. A guest artist will contribute to the dialogue. The emphasis is on articulating a personal approach to the chosen medium.

Learner Outcomes

  • How to devise a realistic plan to complete a creative project within 12 weeks.
  • How to budget time and resources to carry out that plan.
  • How to adjust to challenges during implementation of the original plan, and to make necessary adjustments to ensure completion of project.
  • How to learn from mistakes and challenges, using them as opportunities for learning and for advancement of personal goals.
  • How to “troubleshoot,” personally and collaboratively, within the group laboratory environment.
  • An increased knowledge and mastery of skills in the chosen medium.

Additional Information


  • To develop a realistic plan for conceiving and completing a project within a specific period of time.
  • To discuss and express elements surrounding one’s creative work: success, problems, troubleshooting and finding the way back to original plans.
  • Work in a collaborative studio environment.  Know how to speak about others’ work as well as accepting both positive and negative comments on one’s own work.
  • Perform research as part of the process of doing creative work.
  • Have an understanding and experience of working as a studio artist.
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