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Over the past 20 years, the fashion industry has been refashioned and sped up so dramatically that it has become unhinged, disconnected from its people, and its negative impacts on our place - our planet. The fashion system churns through natural resources to make more than 100 billion garments a year that are thrown out in rapid succession. Much change is needed across the entire value chain, but for the most part, the role of the fashion designer has not fully evolved to respond to this urgent crisis. It has remained focussed on a limited part of the value chain, propping up the linear, take make and waste model. There is huge untapped potential to redefine the role and remit of the fashion designer for the 21st century, so that it can abandon damaging outmoded thinking, to embrace new models of value creation to enhance engagement with our clothing. History tells us that crises lead to innovation and opportunity – the time is ripe for fashion designers to learn how to overcome these crises and challenges. This course allows people to stray outside the designated lines of operation for ‘fashion designers’, to forge your own path, connecting the whole system. To explore the full context of a whole systems approach to fashion, which is both mindful and conscious of our planet, its boundaries, and all life forms that exist on it. It will activate and empower people who want to do fashion differently. Helping you to bring your fresh ideas to life, to find solutions by using your creativity to explore different types of collaborations, modes of sharing, transparency, dialogue, exchange, inclusivity, and diversity. Students will activate their own personal and professional values and insight to develop a speculative project through ideation, prototyping, and storytelling. The outcome from the course can take several options including as a form of a strategic positioning dossier/‘business model’ or case study to implement, to go towards an accelerator program, or it can remain as a speculative portfolio piece. We encourage you to go beyond the point of purchase, everything is up for reimagining.

Learner Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of a wide range of new roles of fashion designers operating with a sustainable fashion mindset across the entire value chain.
  • Be able to analyze problems caused by the current fashion paradigm
  • Be able to propose solutions that offer a reconsideration of the relationship of fashion to society, which has the potential to be applied in a given context.
  • Demonstrate a more conscious approach to fashion design, production, use, consumption, and disposal through a commitment to diversity, responsibility, and respect for our natural environment and social justice, through fashion.
  • Demonstrate the ability to scope, plan, and get feedback and validation on initial ideas for a potential application.

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New Roles for Fashion Designers
Jun 07, 2021 to Aug 14, 2021
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CE Tuition non-credit $850.00
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Jul 11, 2021
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Jun 07, 2021
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