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Course Description

User-Centered or User-Experience Design (UX) is an exciting and rapidly expanding field. In this course, the fifth and culminating course in the certificate, students will be guided through a six week process to create a professional portfolio demonstrating their UX/UI capabilities. Topics in this course include the importance of understanding the self for guiding design, how design is story-telling and ways for you to relate your portfolio to your design approach, and hands on methods to guide the portfolio creation with presentation tips. Along the way the instructor will bring in design and UX/UI professionals to speak about the industry and answer questions. At the end of the course students will gather online to share their portfolio and experience. Applications used in this course are freely available and no purchase of software is required.

Course Length - Online 6 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • Leverage the pillars of Design Thinking
  • Be outcome-driven
  • Be research guided
  • Be able to create your work offline and online
  • Be an avid storyteller
  • Create a professional portfolio

Additional Information


  • Be able to empathize, design, ideate, prototype, test–use design thinking methods to work on your portfolio end to end
  • Learn methods to prioritize what features and content make for a compelling portfolio
  • Use Research as a tool to understand what your potential employers are looking for
  • Able to work through different forms and fidelity, iterate constantly to produce case studies
  • Tell a compelling story about your work as a means to achieve goals for both yourself and your client
  • Assemble a well crafted portfolio to reflect your course work and demonstrate your mastery of UX/UI concepts

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UX/UI Portfolio
Jul 08, 2024 to Aug 18, 2024
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Aug 11, 2024
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Jul 08, 2024
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