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Course Description

Create and document a design system by extending your designs and visual style to other products while keeping the cross platform experience consistent. Design systems includes style guides, pattern libraries, collections of reusable interface components, CSS frameworks, and repeatable design operations.  A robust design system serves as a critical resource for a company or client and requires a carefully mapped and methodical approach to implement scalability and build longevity.

An early audit of Facebook’s logo on their website found dozens of similar blue hues; until a design system is provided these type of errors can multiply: the problem stops once Facebook Blue is revealed to be #3b599. More than just a color palette, design systems determine the underlying logic behind aesthetic choices, and get teams all on board for a cohesive approach to a website or web application.

Course Length - Online 6 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  1. Learn the steps required to build, scale and implement a design system

  2. Conduct an audit on an existing build to find problem spots and irregularities and roundup an evaluation of your current design system needs, wants and wishes

  3. Learn the best methods used  to align designers, developers, product teams for collaboration and coordinate with clients and stakeholders to deliver cohesive customer experiences


  • Newcomers to design who want a larger view on the design assets utilized in the lifespan of their project 

  • Marketers and brand strategists looking to build a complete ecosystem of consistent brand identity across platforms and technologies

  • Front-end engineers looking to broaden their design skills across the operating environment 

  • Designers and UX practitioners who are seeking to approach their design process in a more systemic and modular way

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