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Course Description

This course provides an overview of topics and issues central to the Strategic Design and Management program, with an emphasis on the relationships between design, experience, and social and economic change. An intensive three-week course, it exposes students to the enormous variety of ways design functions in business contexts and helps them understand the roles designers play in creative industries through critical readings and discussions, case studies, guest lectures, field trips, and collaborative, practice-based projects. By means of research, prototyping, experimentation, self-reflection, and decision-making activities, students become resourceful practitioners and creative entrepreneurs. The intensive nature of the class results in a steep learning curve; the students’ diverse nationalities and backgrounds promote new perspectives; and the immersion in the classroom and the city fosters new friendships and experiences.

NOTE: This course requires students to bring a modern computer laptop to class to complete course assignments. The New School provides all degree and credit-seeking students (enrolled in the current term) with subscriptions for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.

Learner Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of how to use research effectively to gain insights
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of brand strategy, trend analysis, and product and consumer archetypes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the framework for innovation to advise clients effectively in framing possible futures
  • Conduct, evaluate, and distill quantitative and qualitative research to refine project strategy and definition
  • Work through the iterative process, including prototyping and evaluation phases
  • Communicate effectively both visually and verbally
  • Recognize the strategic and tactical value of design opportunities in business as well as understand practical problems of realizing a design solution

Additional Information

This course is one offering from our Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program. For more information on schedule, registration, and refund policies, see program details.

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