Course Description

A strong portfolio is essential to success in a competitive industry like fashion. Learn to communicate your skills to potential employers, whether your focus is fashion design, illustration, textile design, merchandising, or buying. In this course, you are guided to edit your work—whether it is done for school assignments or for your job—to build a portfolio that accurately tells the story of your talent. Younresearch, edit, and refine your presentation skills in both digital and traditional paper portfolio formats. This class is designed for students preparing a portfolio for college admission or grad school as well as professionals seeking to refresh their portfolios with personal projects using new creative processes. This course is recommended for students in the final semester of certificate requirements or with equivalent experience. Prerequisites: none.

Learner Outcomes

  • To develop a portfolio that is storytelling, creative, focused and professional.
  • Conduct creative research work.
  • Expand conceptual abilities.
  • Show detailed development and implementation of a concept into collections and final portfolio.
  • Develop professional presentation skills.

Additional Information


  • Perfecting a professional portfolio for career growth.
  • Master the art of telling your personal stories and design sensibilities as a fashion designer through visual presentation.
  • Give insight into the inspiration of the collections.
  • Display the organization of thoughts and design process.
  • Evolving and fine-tuning the design process.

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Fashion Portfolio
Apr 04, 2022 to May 15, 2022
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May 08, 2022
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Apr 04, 2022
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