Course Description

Collage is the integration of painting, handmade surfaces, found objects, digital prints, and photographs to create multiple layers of visual meaning in an artwork or design. Collage offers an ideal medium for autobiographical work, storytelling, and visual narratives. Students develop their creative ideas and technical skills in a variety of compositions combining and juxtaposing diverse materials: digital inkjet/laser prints, art papers, fabrics, photos, and paint. The course includes demonstrations of collage layering techniques with many types of materials and a presentation on the history of collage in the first class. Final projects can be scanned for use in online portfolios and websites. Prerequisites: none.

Learner Outcomes

  • Several art historical movements that used collage and apply this understanding to your own work.
  • How to recognize visual design principals in the everyday environment.
  • To integrate experiential processes using collage, paint and drawing materials into your work.
  • How to translate subjective experiences into visual concepts by using diverse collage materials.

Additional Information


  • Will have a thorough understanding of mediums and the application of diverse materials to create structurally sound, archival, mixed media collage works.
  • Understand the use of composition, basic color theory and 2D spatial relationships in mixed media work while developing their own personal expression.
  • Identify visual sources for continued inspiration for their ongoing mixed media collage practice.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative research techniques to discover innovative visual imagery.
  • Have the ability to articulate visual principles and concepts during group critiques and develop verbal and visual presentation skills.
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