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Course Description

Establish solid storytelling and conceptual skills as the foundation for creating powerful and moving motion graphics and video clips. This concept-based course teaches the language of time-based storytelling, with a focus on the skills needed to build a strong drama and highly effective visuals for use in film, video, and digital motion projects. Students learn how to sculpt ideas and stories into well-paced, high-impact motion graphics using timelines and frames.

Course Length - Online 9 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • Technical and conceptual fundamentals necessary for telling visual stories with moving images
  • Basic theoretical and working knowledge of how to create timelines for motion-based graphics
  • How to conduct efficient research, mindmaps and the distillation of stories from the improvisational through final concept stages, through creative synthesis of ideas
  • The importance of drawing skills in motion concept development
  • How to create storyboards for a variety of motion-based projects
  • Learn basic understanding of After Effects functionality
  • The fundamentals of content creation and copyright norms/protections

Additional Information


  • Greater fluency in the communication of concept and the skill of unfolding a story in moving imagery, with impact, drama, and the delivery of strong messages
  • Working understanding of how motion graphics are created from the concept through all stages to the final finished clip or film
  • Confident analytical and critical verbal skills, including the development of one’s own artistic voice
  • Both technical and traditional design skills, through both analog sketching and becoming familiar with industry standard software tools
  • Glean industry knowledge from a professional working instructor

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Storytelling with Motion Graphics and Animation
Aug 26, 2024 to Oct 27, 2024
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CE Tuition non-credit $975.00
Faculty/Staff Waiver non-credit $975.00
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Sep 29, 2024
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Aug 26, 2024
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