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Course Description

User Experience Design, which focuses on the holistic process of designing meaningful connections between users and the designed world can be broken down into three general categories: UX Research, Content Strategy, and Interaction Design. While we will briefly touch on the first two categories, this course will focus primarily on the last - Interaction Design. Interaction Design (IxD) focuses on the structure of interactive systems and how those systems behave in response to interaction with users. Simply put, the interaction designer connects the wants and needs of users with the business goals and objectives of a digital product or service provider by creating interactive experiences that are functional, reliable, useful, frictionless, desirable, and ultimately, meaningful. This course provides a broad overview and orientation of the precepts, principles and methods surrounding the user-centered interaction design process with a focus on the impact of design on usability, inclusiveness, and the creation of meaningful connections between digital products and services and the people for whom they are designed. 

Course Length - Online 9 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • Distill insights gathered from UX Research into an actionable IxD strategy.
  • Define and prioritize high-level design requirements that will serve as the North Star for an end-to-end user experience.
  • Gather and analyze inspirational design solution precedents from the wild.
  • Generate and prioritize ideas for new design solutions that will maximize the impact of a product or service.
  • Construct narrative-based User Journey's that capture and catalog the touchpoints a user will encounter as they complete interactive tasks.
  • Learn to create interactive flow models and site maps that describe complete interactive systems.
  • Learn how to use the tools and features of wireframing and prototyping tools in order to build an interactive prototype for websites and apps.
  • Apply animations, incorporate interactivity, enhance with micro-copy, microtransactions, and refine other design elements to create meaningful user experiences.
  • Study common interaction design patterns and learn how to apply these successfully to any digital product. 

Additional Information


  • Gain a high-level understanding of the user-centered design framework and process.
  • Exposure to a collection of idea generation tools and techniques.
  • Measure design solution ideas to assess their impact towards product/service innovation vs their implementation costs.
  • Understand the larger systemic impacts and implications that interaction design choices create.
  • Document, present and defend your interactive design decisions. 

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