Course Description

Students explore media history and the basic concepts employed in media analysis, examining the history of technologies from the thaumatrope to digital media. Examples are drawn primarily from the visual media of commercial film, television, advertising, video, and the Internet, although alternative media practices are also noted.

Learner Outcomes

  • Mass media and communication history.
  • Theoretical frameworks for understanding media and their roles as technologies, art forms, entertainment, business enterprises, and social tools.
  • Greater fluency in the communicative language of cinema and an ability to reflect critically and speak with confidence about a wide range of films.
  • How media texts are constructed, how they convey meaning, and how they shape one another in significant ways.

Additional Information

  • Refined writing and oral presentations skills.
  • An appreciation for the history and sociopolitical influences of mass communications.
  • Course readings reflect a multifaceted approach to understanding media, drawing attention to the work of key thinkers and theorists in the field.
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