About This Certificate

Whether you’re exploring graduate school opportunities or furthering your career, the Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Certificate offers you a path to advancement. Students who earn the certificate go on to careers in academia, the arts, design, fashion, public policy, government, NGOs, nonprofit management, and clinical psychology or pursue advanced study. The program prepares students to recognize and respond to questions such as: What is gender? How is sexuality culturally constructed? How do attitudes toward gender affect individual experience, artifact design, artistic production, and modes of social organization?

Total Courses: 4

Price: $2,180 per credit

What You’ll Gain

  • The ability to recognize and respond to questions such as: What is gender? How is sexuality culturally constructed? 
  • The ability to conduct research using prominent archives, libraries, and bookstores in New York City
  • Access to graduate courses and faculty across the entire New School and the ability to construct a unique program alongside the core course

How You’ll Learn

  • In-depth discussions in small groups
  • Insights and instruction from faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
  • Exclusive presentations and mentored project development 

Who Should Enroll

  • Individuals working in a variety of settings including human resources, academia, art and design administration, organizational change management, public and governmental policy, and corporate compliance
  • Anyone looking to engage in intellectual collaboration with students and faculty on the study of gender and sexuality

Additional Details

Gender and Sexuality Studies Certificate (Graduate)

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Enroll in this certificate program as a one-year stand-alone program or as part of studies toward a graduate degree. Admission is open to current graduate students at The New School and to anyone who has completed an undergraduate degree.

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