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Everything You Need to Know About the Creatives Want Change Scholarship

September 8, 2022

Each year, our Summer Intensive Studies program partners with Creatives Want Change to offer a limited number of tuition-only scholarships for pre-college courses in June and July. Previous Parsons scholarship recipients have used this opportunity to open doors in the art and design industry, with many of them now studying in degree programs at Parsons or other competitive colleges of art and design. Many of them also go on to have successful careers as artists and designers in their respective fields. We've compiled a few photos and student feedback from some of our past Creatives Want Change Fellows. See what they had to say about their favorite part of the program.

Creative assignments in and out of class

Creatives Want Change Fellows

"The administration, specifically my RC Oliivia and Ms.Louise, sent words of encouragement and gave us outlets to have fun after class and on weekends." - DaNae Harrison, Parsons

CWC Fellow DaNae with one of her Summer Intensive Studies projects, a unique romper. Aside from her studies, DaNae has her own fashion business, UPDATE LLC. (Source: Creatives Want Change)

Our Fashion: Sewing & Construction class covers the process of designing and making, particularly the creation of objects using soft materials. A variety of methods are explored, from hand and machine sewing to knitting, crocheting, draping, and patternmaking, as well as sketching and fabricating.




Individualized advice from instructors

"Professor Broadway, my teacher, always provided feedback and suggestions during each project throughout the course. This helped me to succeed and be confident in my work. Also, Tomomi and Mr. Musci were always in the university center asking students how their classes were going and if they needed any help." - Carolyn Dorant-Smith, Parsons

Creatives Want Change Fellows

CWC Fellow Carolyn with one of her three Summer Intensive Studies projects. Her other projects included designing a summer collection inspired by her surroundings in NYC. Source: Creatives Want Change)

Our Fashion: Visual Presentation course focuses on observational drawing from the live fashion model, photography, digital image creation, and video. Techniques center around drawing and digital with the goal of developing individual aesthetics.






Dream come true

"I still think about the program to this day. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity I was given to experience this course and I can’t fully describe the feeling this program gives me, but I’ll try my best. Being surrounded by other kids just as talented and creative as me was like a dream come true. I felt like I was somewhere where I actually belonged. In my hometown, the arts aren’t a big thing and there aren't many kids like me. This means I was always put in a box where I didn't feel like being myself. This wasn’t the case at Parsons. Everyone was from different parts of the world, from different races and religions, and were some of the nicest people I’ve met. It took a while to warm up, but once I did, it felt like family. The bonds I’ve created with people and most importantly the things I’ve learned, I will never forget. This experience has left an impact on my heart." - Lebron LynShue, Parsons

Creatives Want Change Fellows

CWC Fellow Lebron with one of his projects for Summer Intensive Studies. Lebron was a second-year CWC Fellow this sumer and showed motivation and dedication, often working after hours on his projects. Source: Creatives Want Change)

Our Fashion: Styling course centers around the business of styling, collaboration, and how to keep calm in a fast paced industry. Students learn how to adjust their eyes and hands for the following areas: on and off figure, editorial, e-commerce, and motion styling.



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