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The New School Wins Award for Quantum Computing



The New School's Quantum Computing for Design and Social Research project entry won a FutureEdge 50 Award for 2021. The award recognizes the most advanced trials and applications of emerging technologies in business. Dr. Lin Zhou, senior vice president and chief information officer of The New School, joined Sven Travis, associate professor of media and design, to discuss why it's important learn quantum computing in today's workforce.

"By getting into quantum early, and by teaching these skills that allow students to think in a different way, we think it will change the way they move forward with their design careers," said Travis.

"We are enabling our students to leverage the technology to drive social changes," said Zhou, who started at The New School in 2019 after more than 20 years at IBM.

The IBM Skills Academy is partnering with The New School to expand its quantum computing initiative. So far, only 96 IBM Skills Academy Quantum Practitioner Certificates have been distributed, 12 percent of which belong to New School students, staff, and faculty.

"They actually started exploring, generating their own intellectual property. Every one of them is a potential startup," said Zhou.

Previous students also shared their work.

"The materials from IBM were incredibly accessible. They have an online textbook which goes through all the applications that are really useful for somebody coming in and learning it for the first time," said student Marcus Banks."To anyone thinking of taking the Quantum Computing course, I think it’s a great opportunity. The title might seem a little intimidating but it’s really not. It’s more of a conceptual class where you learn some coding and you get to apply it. It’s a unique experience."

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