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Industry Snapshot: Hospitality Interior Design

March 31, 2022
Hospitality Interior Design

The hospitality industry is projected to grow, particularly as restaurants, bars, and hotels recover from the onset of the pandemic. Travel is back on the rise as most households are feeling more confident with their spending. With this growth comes a new need for hospitality interior designers to refresh spaces.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, hospitality employment has been increasing steadily since January 2021. Even in the last month, employment in the sector went from 15,272 to 15,451 for February 2022

Hospitality Industry graph

Data from Economic Modeling tool EMSI confirms that Hospitality Managers in the United States are in greater demand than the last two years. The national median salary for Hospitality Managers is currently $51,622, which is about equal to the national average. So far in 2022, the industry is averaging 37,917 postings a month. California is in the lead with 44,001 job postings.

Hospitality Industry map

Combining this with recent Interior Design industry statistics, the future looks bright for Hospitality Interior Design. According to EMSI, the U.S. is averaging 1,759 postings a month for interior designers in 2022 thus far. EMSI predicts that the industry will experience upward growth until 2026. AutoCAD has come up as a top skill for interior designers every quarter since May 2020.

Hospitality Interior Design at Parsons

"The pandemic has changed hospitality forever – there is a welcomed focus on sustainability, health & wellness. Guests expect hospitality owners to rethink the experience and welcome back guests in a responsible way. Now more than ever, designers can reinvent the next generation of hospitality." - Melissa Pyell, Parsons instructor, creator of our Hospitality Interior Design certificate, and luxury hotel designer.

Want to learn more about creative jobs that use interior design skills in the restaurant, bar, or hotel industry? Check out this flexible three-course Hospitality Interior Design certificate, which is perfect for hospitality owners, developers, and managers who would like to expand their knowledge for this growing industry. These courses can help you build skills in space planning, sketching, 2D/3D drawings, furnishings, and more.

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