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Meet Paris Fashion Week Designer and CPE Alum Yvann Filipczak

October 27, 2021
Yvann Filipczak with a group of models at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion designer and CPE alum Yvann Filipczak recently made his Paris Fashion Week debut. Yvann completed the Fashion Design Certificate at Parsons in December 2019. He recently shared his designer inspirations and his experience studying at Parsons.

What was your favorite class in the program? 

My favorite class was Construction Techniques 2. The program was very interesting and I especially loved learning how to make a jacket. The professor was so knowledgeable. She paid great attention to details and really taught great techniques.

Did you complete the certificate in-person or online, or both? If both, what were some of the differences?

Model wearing Yvann Filipczak's design at Paris Fashion Week
I did the certificate mostly in-person and took Color Theory and Fashion Flats online because I had moved to Atlanta at the time. It was convenient for my situation and for classes that did not require in-person learning but I preferred the classes I took on campus and getting direct feedback from the professors. I retained more that way and got to meet other aspiring designers/people who already worked in the industry. 

Have you completed a fashion program before Parsons?

Model wearing Yvann Filipczak's design at Paris Fashion Week Parsons was my first fashion program. I truly recommend it for anyone who wants to gain the foundations in fashion design.

What attracted you to the certificate? How did you find out about it?

I wanted to study Fashion Design in college but decided to go for a business degree instead. After working in account management and luxury, I knew I would only feel fulfilled when working as a designer in Fashion. The program seemed like an affordable way to confirm that, and to learn the basics of Fashion Design. I knew Parsons was one of the top schools in the U.S. and I found out about the program by going to the Parsons website

What do you think makes this program unique?

I felt like I had access to fantastic resources and professors in one of the fashion capitals of the world for a great value. The schedule also made it convenient for me to still be able to work full-time and study. 

Were there any techniques you learned in the program that helped you launch your collection?

Yes, draping was crucial. Understanding the process of pattern-making as well.

How would you describe your style and who are some of your inspirations?

The woman I design for is unapologetic and empowered. She's proud of her body and uses fashion as a statement to say "I'm here and I am not going to make myself smaller or hide parts of myself for anyone."  I adore Tom Ford. Such a visionary designer as well as a talented film producer. He went the non-traditional route to become a fashion designer and I find that very inspiring. I would love to work for him one day. I also love Alexander McQueen, under the creative direction of Sarah Burton; Valentino under Pierpaolo Piccioli; and last but not least, Schiaparelli under Daniel Roseberry.

Were there any instructors at Parsons who inspired you?

They were all inspiring to me as I learned so much from them but Evelyn Nelson who taught my Construction 2 class would be the one I was the most inspired by. She truly enjoys teaching. To make the jacket for that class, she advised us to bring a good value fabric and I chose to go with an expensive beaded one. She laughed when she saw it and asked me "Are you sure?" and when I explained I was determined to make something beautiful out of it, she offered me extra attention and advice so I would not ruin the pricey few yards. 

Check out Yvann's website and Instagram to see more of his work!


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