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One Student’s Filmmaking Success After Completing the Film Production Certificate Program

May 11, 2017

Angelo Vasta

Angelo Vasta has been paving his career in dance filmmaking since moving to New York City from Milan over six years ago, and graduating from The New School’s Film Production Certificate Program in 2014. In the past few years, Vasta has collaborated with various dance companies, dancers, and filmmakers including: Ballet Hispanico, Madboots, Caterina Rago Dance, Sokolow Dance Theater, and Mary J. Frank. A short film Vasta photographed, Amunì, was selected and screened at the Cici Film Festival, an Italian film festival in Sicily. 

“My final project was a dance film involving four dancers performing a solo piece. I recruited the dancers from Steps on Broadway… I went there to observe the dancers and find the ones I liked the most," Vasta said. One of these dancers was Fadi Khoury, artistic director and choreographer at FJK dance - a contemporary dance company based in New York City. After graduating, Vasta and Khoury continued to collaborate together, creating backstage videos, short documentaries, artistic videos, and live show recordings for FJK dance.

Showreel 2016 from Angelo Silvio Vasta on Vimeo.

“Through FJK dance my work has had the opportunity to get some exposure, especially within the NYC dance community. More and more individual dancers and dance companies started to contact me to create any kind of video, from promo videos to experimental videos,” Vasta said.

Vasta is currently working on two dance projects. The first is shooting a solo piece created and performed by Caterina Rago, artistic director and choreographer of the Caterina Rago Dance Company, which will be shown at IDACO NYC in June. The other is a commissioned piece, by an anti-racism association in Italy, which portrays dancers physicalizing words like ‘prejudice’, ‘walls’, and ‘fear’. It has “the goal to sensibilize people through dance.” It will be released this spring, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Check out more of Angelo’s work on Vimeo.

Written by Leora Zauderer.

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