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Faces of Parsons Summer

June 3, 2022

Throughout the years, aspiring designers and creative high schoolers have taken advantage of our Parsons Summer Intensive Studies to hone their fashion and graphic design skills. Hear from some of our recent graduates and check out their designs!

Liam Ellman Liam Ellman, Summer Intensive Studies, College/Adult

"Without any understanding of how to make clothing, I wouldn’t know where to begin in doing something a little more cutting-edge. I think the class was exactly what I needed. I had done a few designs from patterns, but my professor really wanted me to make my own patterns and not let things limit my end result. I really value him for teaching me this. It was this very purposeful, active mentality, where now I know that when I’ve got an idea, I can bring it to life." Liam Ellmann

Christine Evans Christine Evans, Summer Intensive Studies 2013, Pre-College

"One of the most memorable assignments from my fashion design intensive was designing a full collection from sites I saw around New York City. Our professors encouraged us to explore the city and take in and photograph everything we saw. I used a digital camera and explored Chelsea and the West Village, using architectural buildings, and even a lamp in a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt shop (around the corner from my dorm) as sources of inspiration." Christine Evans

Wendela Stjernsw√§rd Graphic design by Wendela Stjernswärd, Summer Intensive Studies 2020, College/Adult

"It was very interesting to meet people who studied different things. I was the only one who had graphic design experience, but helping other people also helped me. We discussed things from other points of views. I was the only one from Europe; there was one student from India and one from Canada. You know, life also happens during these three weeks… We got to have deeper conversations in smaller groups." Wendela Stjernswärd

Poppy Xuefei Wang Poppy Xuefei Wang, Summer Intensive Studies 2014, Pre-College

"The overall experience of the Parsons summer program was very positive, and it was the highlight of my summer that year. I left thinking only about the summer program, and it was then that I knew I couldn’t wait to go back to Parsons. The pre-college classes gave me a sense of what my life would be like if I went to Parsons for University, and the experience helped me to confirm that I wanted to continue my Fashion Design education here." Poppy Xuefei Wang

Dilara Huryasar Dilara Huryasar, Summer Intensive Studies Teaching Assistant 2020, Pre-College, and graduate of the Pre-College program

"The industry is so oversaturated... people are beginning to realize it’s overwhelming and wasteful. I think fashion is changing a lot. In the future, brands are just going to do sustainability as a default." Dilara Huryasar

Leo QianFashion design by Leo Qian, Summer Intensive Studies 2018, Pre-College

"I think SIS offers a unique and authentic experience of what it's like to be an art student living in New York City and going to Parsons. This is a dream for many people, as it was for me. I had an all-rounded experience learning in a college environment from knowledgeable faculty and interactions with the industry. More importantly, it gave me a first-hand understanding of the expectations of Parsons as an institution to inform my decision in pursuing an education here." Leo Qian





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