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2021 CPE Year-End Recap

December 22, 2021
The New School Continuing Education


We have had an exciting year here at The New School CPE! With an ongoing transition back to in-person school and work, we have had to innovate and adapt our course offerings and programs. We've rounded up a few highlights from our year below!

Youth & Teen

Among our proudest moments this year, we also announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the Cactus Jack Foundation. Thanks to this unprecedented partnership, Parsons Academy launched a fashion design program bringing the university's world-renowned curriculum to Houston students who have traditionally been underrepresented in creative disciplines.

Internationally, we launched our Parsons Pre-College China Program, which connected young students with Parsons School of Design's world-renowned art and design curriculum and professors. Students in Shanghai and Shenzhen received real-time creative and technical design instruction, project guidance, and group and individual critiques in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and more.

Parsons Paris also continued its Summer Intensive Studies, our three-week program for high school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates. In November, New School President Dwight A. McBride even paid a visit for a week filled with campus tours, events, showcases, and positive energy.

Back in The New School's hometown of New York City, we continued to host our popular Parsons Summer Intensives online. The online program offers a unique hybrid format fostering both collaborative and individual focus time.


2021 CPE Year End Recap


Faculty Achievements

The work of our renowned faculty has also been recognized in new and exciting ways this year. Architecture Professor Eva Perez de Vega's work was selected for the 2021 Venice Biennale. The exhibition was a collaboration with her partner Ian Gordon, and was a self-reflection on the couple’s 15 years of practicing architecture, focusing on how built spaces affect the environment and non-human life. Eva Perez de Vega said of her exhibition: "We’re thinking about what we’ve done so far. It’s also a reflection on how we situate ourselves vis-à-vis the climate crisis. All those things that you sometimes don’t have time to think of because you’re just doing the day-to-day.”

In October, Fine Arts Professor Paul Corio curated a new exhibit "The Neo & The Geo: New Painting Forms, 1986-1995" with Pazo Fine Art. "I make geometric abstraction myself, and Neo-Geo is essentially the last art movement of the 20th century which focused on the geometric - so it’s not surprisingly of great interest to me. I definitely do certain geometric and pattern-based work in my classes, alongside more traditional representation," said Paul Corio.

We also had illuminating accomplishments from our Interior Lighting Design faculty. Professor Craig Bernecker received a Lifetime Achievement Award and Lighting instructor Jason Livingston published a second edition of his book Designing with Light.

Adult Continuing Education

We launched several new certificates this year with the help of Parsons School of Design, which has kept up its #1 ranking as the Best Art and Design School in the U.S. for 2021, according to QS World University Rankings. Browse our new offerings below.

Digital Photography

With this certificate, gain understanding of the camera and the history of image making and increase your knowledge of ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds along with workflow, composition, and storytelling. "There's great value in not just taking a picture, but explaining your intention. Shutter speed, composing a frame — these are the tools inside your toolbox," said Kaz Senju, Digital Photography Certificate creator and Visual Artist/Photographer.

Design Thinking in Practice

Mastering design thinking allows you to create innovation rather than remaining a passive observer. Our design thinking program presents concepts in everyday language and illustrates them through relevant case studies.

Illustrated Journalism and Memoir

This certificate program delves into the theory, practice, analysis and production of comics journalism, documentary sketching, and illustrated memoir. "The whole world is in New York City. All kinds of people. Every kind of art. Every kind of food...With this kind of work, the diverse energy of New York City is very complementary," said Jason Das, Illustrated Journalism & Memoir instructor and New School Journalism professor.

Futures Studies and Speculative Design

This certificate focuses on developing necessary skills for future image-making with compelling immersive sensory experiences. Students learn to apply theory and methods to create and employ projections of desirable and undesirable future scenarios. "Futures studies helps us effectively craft visions, bring together perspectives, and then develop plans," said Elliott Montgomery, Futures Studies and Speculative Design Certificate creator.

Clo3D Virtual Fashion Design

In this certificate, learn to use the industry-standard fashion design software Clo3D for design development and presentation. "Clo3D is a virtual fashion design program in which you can do pattern making, animation, rendering, print layout, surface design elements. You also have the ability to print out the patterns where they can be constructed and made in the real world," said Julian Guthrie, Part-Time Assistant Professor and Clo3D Certificate creator.

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice (EISJ)

In this certificate program, develop both theoretical and practical understandings of equity, inclusion, and social justice issues in the world of design. “How can we better understand our everyday encounters with issues of injustice in our fields of professional practice, and learn to think about design as a way to promote social justice? The Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice in Design certificate breaks down complex ideas and offers practical tools for building equitable futures," said Sam Mejias, Associate Professor of Social Justice and Community Engagement and EISJ Certificate creator.

The Year Ahead

In October, The New School had the pleasure of welcoming President Dwight A. McBride to start his term as the ninth president of the university. During his investiture ceremony, the President noted the school's recent strides toward diversity and inclusion, such as the launch of the EISJ Office, but acknowledged that "we have work to do to create a more inclusive community."

Parsons CPE is looking forward to a new year of progress, education, and creativity. We are expanding our global reach and growing our offerings! We are planning on adding new certificates preparing students for in-demand fields, such as Hospitality Design. Keep checking our website for upcoming programs in creative hubs around the world.

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