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Fashion Alumna Shares Local Artistry

Garg completed the Fashion Design certificate program in 2018. Her international textile company, Marasim, connects grassroots Indian artisans with leading designers. Garg is already leaving an impact – ensuring that designers are sourcing more local and natural materials.

“These days designers and brands are more conscious about how they are making their product. They want to make more meaningful products which have a story, which have people behind them, and that’s where Parsons helped me. It made me think like a designer.”

Garg said the flexible time of the classes allowed her to learn some of the technical aspects of garment making while gaining a broader perspective on her clients.

“I think the courses were very well formulated. They are directed toward practical learning,” she said. “I wanted to understand the client better.”

“One of the most important things I learned at Parsons is to be yourself. There are students coming from different backgrounds, studying the same thing but then doing their own things.”

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