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Continuing Education Spring Course Roundup

Updated January 7, 2022

Spring Course Roundup

We are getting excited for the Spring semester here at TNS CPE! Spring semester will feature courses and certificates such as Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Web Design, and more. We are also expanding some of our on-campus offerings, such as adding more sections for Construction Techniques I due to increased demand. There are limited on-campus sections available for other popular classes such as Basic Drafting, so register now!

CPE is also proud to introduce our newest certificate: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in Design (EISJ). Read more about the the growing EISJ field in our blog post.

3D Modeling Fundamentals

Learn to create objects for 3D printing by mastering the industry software Maya. This course applies towards the Graphic and Digital Design Certificate and the Interior Design certificate.

Motion Design I with After Effects

In this course, apply conceptual skills to learn foundational skills using industry-standard software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, and Premiere Pro. Research, write and refine concepts, create text-based and sketched storyboards, then apply the concept to transform the work into finished animated clips. This course counts towards the Motion Design and Animation Certificate, in which you can learn about the video process from start (storyboarding, editing, and creating special effects) to finish (grading and polishing content to produce professional-quality videos).

Putting Sustainability into Practice

With this course you can use your business, project or idea as a case study or ‘tester’ to contribute to driving change within the current fashion industry. Take the first step in committing to taking bold action, to activate and deploy ingenuity and sustainability-focused innovation with stakeholders across the entire value chain. This course counts towards the Fashion Sustainability Certificate, which takes an open, inclusive, and empowering approach to sustainability, enabling learners to overcome barriers to change and shape fashion careers in alignment with their values.

Lighting Fundamentals and Technologies

This course is an introduction to the world of lighting design, and covers the fundamentals of lighting, including developing a basic understanding of light and human vision, lighting measurement and color, and more. This course counts towards the Interior Lighting Design Certificate. This certificate is focused on creating a foundation for designing successful lighting by helping participants understand light and human vision, lighting technologies and performance, lighting design as a discipline, and the impact of light on an environment.

Equity in Design Process and Systems

With this course, explore how design industries encounter and address enduring challenges of inequality and other forms of oppression in the United States and throughout the world. This is the first course in our newest certificate: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in Design (EISJ).

Understanding End Users Through Research

This course teaches students how to conduct user research that would inspire conception of innovative ideas, how to find the right respondents to conduct the most effective research, how to prepare for user research, and more. This course applies towards the Design Thinking in Practice Certificate.

Telling Your Story: First-Person Illustrated Journalism and Memoir

With this course, craft and present your personal narratives via autobio and diary comics, and illustrated personal histories and essays. Center your philosophies and the way you see the world as you tell the stories that matter most to you. This course applies towards the Illustrated Journalism and Memoir Certificate.

Digital Core: Photoshop, Adobe

In this course, gain an overview of presentation graphics through the use of the Adobe Creative Suite in the order of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. This course counts towards the Graphic and Digital Design Certificate.

Fashion Flats

With this course, learn the professional techniques used to create fashion flats, ranging from traditional hand sketching to the use of Adobe Illustrator to produce sketches digitally in a vector format. This course applies towards the Fashion Business and Fashion Design certificates.

Fashion Styling

This course exposes students to styling resources, showrooms, professional stylists, and more, as they learn the business of styling. This course applies towards the Fashion Design certificate.

Introduction to Design Thinking

Learn and use the unique methodology of design thinking to tackle business problems. This course applies towards the Design Thinking in Practice Certificate.

Print Production in a Digital World

Created specifically for design students and marketing professionals, this hands-on class explores state-of-the-art printing techniques as well as traditional methods, including offset, screen printing, die cutting, and letterpress. This course applies towards the Graphic and Digital Design Certificate.

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