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Continuing Education: Fall Course Roundup

August 25, 2021


Fall is right around the corner at TNS CPE! This semester's selection includes courses in fashion, interior design, architecture, animation, graphic design, and more. Students learn from renowned instructors while gaining hands-on experience, learning hard skills, and getting individualized feedback. It's not too late to take advantage! Check out some of our featured courses below, with start dates in October, or browse all Fall Courses.


Introduction to UX: User Research - Online

Oct 11 - Dec 17 2021

In this course, focus on the first stage in the process of UX Design: the foundations and methods of user research and discovery. Learn to use interview and empathy-building techniques to better understand a user's needs and motivations. Conduct quantitative research to uncover new insights about user behaviors. Understand how research, design, and usability testing can work together in real-world environments. This course counts towards the User-Centered Design (UX/UI) Certificate.

Basic Drafting - Online

Oct 11 - Dec 17 2021

Explore the effective communication of architectural design intent through drawings. Topics covered include identification and use of drafting equipment, drafting in scale, basic lettering, line weights, and standard notation conventions. Learn the skills and techniques necessary to express any design concept graphically. This course counts towards the Interior Design Certificate.

Storytelling with Motion Graphics and Animation - Online

Oct 11 - Dec 17 2021

This concept-based course teaches the language of time-based storytelling, with a focus on the skills needed to build a strong drama and highly effective visuals for use in film, video, and digital motion projects. Develop a greater fluency in the communication of concept and the skill of unfolding a story in moving imagery, with impact, drama, and the delivery of strong messages. Gain basic theoretical and working knowledge of how to create timelines for motion-based graphics. This course counts towards the Motion Design and Animation Certificate.

Introduction to Web & Mobile - Online

Oct 11 - Dec 17 2021

Designed for complete beginners, this course will teach you how to design, code and create beautiful websites writing HTML and CSS code - the building blocks of any webpage. Learn to format code and text, style social media icons, choose layout and positioning of elements, create engaging typography, and provide compelling interactions. This course counts towards the Graphic & Digital Design and Web Design Certificates.

Design Sketching 1 - Online

Oct 12 - Dec 14 2021

In this basic course, learn to create a "croquis," a quick sketch of the traditional fashion figure that serves as the basis for the design of clothing and accessories. Work from live models to learn drawing skills, fundamental anatomy, and the dynamics of movement in preparation for producing fashion illustrations. This course counts towards the Fashion Business and Fashion Design Certificates.

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