Course Description

This third course in the Design Thinking in Practice certificate dives deep into making sense of the enormous amount of research material gathered from the previous course. It explores how to organize the research outcome to help jumpstart the sense making process, and how to yield the most effective results. The courses also explore the process of creating tangible and executable sets of recommendations that will point to potential new opportunities and areas of innovation.

Some of the questions that will be explored in this course would be:

  • What is a strategy and why are strategies so prized in organizations?
  • Does a really good singular direction of ideas win over a strategy?
  • What happens when you can’t put together a clear strategy?

Learner Outcomes

  • What makes a good strategy and how to put one together
  • What is a difference between a strategy and a product idea
  • Organizing research material How to start to identify insights
  • The difference between research observations and synthesized insights
  • Organizing insights into a set of strategic recommendations

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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