Course Description

This course examines significant culturalnphenomena that shape new sensibilities in fashion. Themes covered in the historically-based-image lectures include revolution, music, cosmopolitanism, film, dissemination of couture, memory, and the acquisition of “the look.” This course also incorporates discussions and viewings of current collection showings from the world’s fashion capitals. Prerequisites: none.

Course Length - Online 9 weeks

Learner Outcomes

  • How to develop an iconography and vocabulary for discussing fashion’s emerging themes.
  • How to situate and understand fashion trends in a historical and cultural context.
  • How to explore connections between historical, popular culture and contemporary fashion.
  • What is Fashion News? Thoughts and observations from the fashion press.
  • What are American Fashion Narratives; the rise of the American Industry and the American Design & Trend Report.
  • The mystique of Hollywood Glamour: What is Glamour? The dawn and golden era of Hollywood fashion.
  • Haute Couture & the Rise of the Paris House: the relevance of the couture house and the basic vocabulary associated with couture creations, and how it translates today.
  • Music and Fashion: where form follows power.
  • How to review an International Fashion Market: New York, Paris, Milan, Rio, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Berlin.
  • What the Youth Vibe in Fashion was, and the Rise of Boutique Culture.

Additional Information


  • To develop the knowledge and experience to see that all fashion has a memory, precedent and a cycle connected to world events.
  • Acquisition of a basic knowledge of trends in fashion history that becomes a resource base for writing current fashion editorials and trend reports with accurate historical references and understanding.
  • The research of a popular fashion icon, old or new, with an accompanying fashion story, written as an editorial and incorporating a written directional from the previously written fashion week review.
  • Transfer historical knowledge into contemporary design thinking and analysis.
  • Identify basic themes and constructs in fashion history and relate them to the basic themes and constructs in contemporary fashion.

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Fashion Trends
Aug 30, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021
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