Course Description

This intensive course is aimed at those who wish to engage in all aspects of the design process. It provides students with a foundation in the construction and graphic skills necessary for a career in fashion design and related industries.nThe course is taught in two sections—one in fashion design sketching and concept development and the other in sewing and construction methods. Each section is taught by a separate instructor, who covers basic skills and professional practices. Topics covered include form, color, and pattern; fabric selection and textiles; pattern drafting and draping; drawing from the model and the purpose of the design sketch; and research and the development of fashion concepts and clothing lines. Students are expected to complete regular weekly assignments and keep a standard fashion source book throughout the course. Prerequisites: none

Learner Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of Design stages and process
  • Develop an ability to realize ideas through pragmatic thinking and adaptive problem-solving in the domain of a design boundary
  • Develop the ability to conceptualize ideas through research
  • Develop critical thinking and reflective writing skills
  • The fundamentals of Draping, Patternmaking, and, Construction / Sewing; both by hand and by machine.
  • How to work in muslin and paper to develop the Basic Sloper, and develop patterns, simple silhouettes, and design details and finishings.
  • The principles of Dart manipulation, Added Fullness, and yokes.
  • Basic construction techniques, with zippers, buttons, and facings.
  • How to work with woven fabrics.
  • Utilizing these skills, each student will create and construct their own design.

Additional Information


  • Display competence in a personal approach to research methodologies and documentation, and a reflective process as a means of contextualizing and comprehending one’s own design methods.
  • Competently explore visual representations of abstract ideas using 2-D, 3-D and/or 4-D media, and competently employ visual and perceptual thinking as problem solving tools across multiple art and design applications.
  • Show an understanding of a personal design philosophy and vocabulary.
  • Understand a vocabulary of technical knowledge regarding clothing design, construction, and fabrication.
  • Competently integrate concepts, material skills and techniques from other courses and experiences into project work, thinking and working across disciplines.
  • Understand fashion design and manufacture in a global societal context.
  • Show competence in the iterative making process, using incremental methods such as prototyping and testing to build toward more successful and insightful work, experimenting, taking creative risks, and responding to feedback.
  • Become familiar with all of the tools and materials needed to drape, make patterns, and construct garments.
  • Understand the basics of Draping and Patternmaking.
  • Have a fundamental knowledge of Construction.
  • Know basic hand and machine finishing techniques.
  • Improve your awareness, problem solving and critical thinking in regards to apparel and its construction and Design.
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