About This Certificate

Design thinking has become an indispensable tool that gives organizations an edge — enabling them to develop innovative ideas that meet the needs of end users and serve business goals. Mastering design thinking allows you to create innovation rather than remaining a passive observer. Our design thinking program presents concepts in everyday language and illustrates them through relevant case studies.

Format: Online

Total Courses: 5

Price: $3,000
Tuition rates are subject to change over the course of your program.

What You’ll Gain

  • An understanding of the background, methodology, and relevance of design thinking
  • The ability to employ user research to develop design strategies
  • The skills needed to integrate user insights into an effective design strategy
  • Methods for implementing design thinking in your work
  • An understanding of how to employ design thinking effectively
  • The ability to advocate for design thinking in the workplace

How You’ll Learn

  • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
  • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
  • Online collaboration in small classes, supported by video conferencing
  • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets

Who Should Enroll

  • Anyone who wants to embrace innovation to advance their group or organization
  • Individuals who want to understand how to better work with colleagues with expertise in design thinking
  • Professionals who want to employ creativity and empathy to solve complex problems
  • Individuals who want to augment their skills with empathy, creativity, and problem-solving capacities

Additional Details

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